Wakeman Town Farm

How to Remove Invasive Weeds + Plants on Your Property

7:00 PM

This Pollinator Series presentation will focus on how to identify the invasive troublemakers in our yards -- and get them out.

Some weeds are worse than nuisances, they’re non-native thugs who do real harm.  They escape into open spaces and dominate the landscape.

The first step to welcoming natives in your yard is to get the invasives out.

The good news is, what we do on our own properties can make a positive difference for the Pollinator Pathways and Green Corridor -- providing better habitats for all the living creatures in our world.

 Alice Ely, UConn advanced master gardener, will spotlight a guide to invasives developed by WTF’s 2020 SHS graduating class interns.

Free guide to our area’s worst weeds, for all who sign up! 

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