The Vaudeville Mews

Ray Scott

6:30 PM

2020 marks fifteen years since Ray Scott first burst upon the scene with his debut album My Kind of Music.  Call it an anniversary or a milestone if you will.  In some ways, a lot has changed since then.  In others, not much has changed at all.

What’s the same?  He still comes fully armed with that signature muscled, baritone voice that swings so low it scrapes the top of your boots as it sends a shiver down your spine.  He’s still as hardcore country as he ever was and he’s still making his kind of music.

What’s changed in the decade plus years since he parted ways with his record label and went out on his own?  His voice has gotten stronger, his songs punch harder and he’s having a helluva lot more fun these days.

In short; he’s better and more successful than ever before.

Nowhere Near Done isn’t just the name of Ray Scott’s latest EP, it’s a statement.  A statement to anyone who ever wrote him off, forgot about him or even worse, thought he might wither away.

“I’ve gotten better,” says Ray with an air of confidence, not cockiness.

“I feel like I’m way more in touch with what my audience likes and what they expect out of me.  They expect a little bit of wit.  They expect me to say things a little bit differently.  I give them something they’re not used to hearing from everybody else and that’s been my niche from the very beginning.”

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