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🍻 Nerd Nite: Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Space Antennas, and Lightsabers! 🍻

7:00 PM
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This month, Gregory Marxen returns to make us move with Dalcroze Eurhrythmics, Karen Rucker talks about the fun of space antennas, and Jim Shima is back to teach us about the sounds of lightsabers!

If you are a fan of TED talks, the Discovery Channel, Wikipedia binges, and drinking, Nerd Nite Denver is the show for you!
When: Wed, Nov 13 β€“ doors at 6:30pm, show at 7:00pm
Where: The Bug Theatre
Tickets: ONLINE ONLY 5 tickets for $25; individual $8 online; $10 at the door

**Online ticket sales end (or sell out) at 6:00pm on the day of the show but plenty are still available at the door. **

Don't Stand Still: Locomotion in Eurhythmics
Gregory Marxen
Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a movement-based approach to music education. Γ‰mile Jacques-Dalcroze created this method in the early 20th Century at the Geneva Conservatory when he noticed that his students had technical mastery but lacked artistic intent. Jacques-Dalcroze believed that the body is the first instrumet to be trained. Why learn to only sing when you can march, walk, jump, or skip to music? Get your locomotion on as Gregory Marxen returns to teach us all about how to listen and react with purposeful, artistic movements through space and time, using our body's energy!

Screaming Into the Void, and Other Fun with Space Antennas
How do you harness one of the fundamental forces of the universe to communicate across billions of miles in space? With the right antenna, of course! But...since it's space, it's not as easy as it looks. Come listen to space antenna enthusiast, Karen Ruckertalk about an engineering subfield frequently referred to as black magic!

The Sounds of Star Wars: LIGHTSABERS
Jim Shima
FFFFKRRRRSHHZZZWOOOOOM...woom...wooooom. One of the most iconic sounds in Star Wars comes is that of a lightsaber. You're probably thinking about the sound now, maybe even making the noise aloud to yourself. It's okay. We're just here VVMMMM FWOOM KKKSSHH'ing too. Jim Shima of the Hyperdyne Labs and member of the Corellian Droidworks Colorado Chapter is back again to teach us how they make lightsabers sound just right.

As always, a huge thanks to our photography partners From the Hip Photo, our crafty friends at The Craft Box, and the best venue in Denver, The Bug Theatre!

The Bug Theatre

3654 Navajo St
Denver, Colorado 80211
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