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11:00 AM
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Firetrucker's first annual Beer B.Q. Contest!

🔥Fire up and get ready for The Firetrucker Beer B.Q.!🔥

🍗Whether you want to test your smoking skills and show up the competition, or just come to chow down and have a beer, we've got you covered! 

Join us as 15 teams compete for the top prize and bragging rights as they 'cue chicken, ribs, brisket and a boozy side dish of their choice! Your $15 BBQ Fan ticket covers a sample of all the delicious meats, a free Firetrucker beer, and a ballot to vote for People's Choice for best side! Judging starts and food will be available starting at 11:30 am, and each meat wil be available as time rolls by. 

Want to check out all the amazing setups? Come for free Saturday night to check out the process - Firetrucker will be hosting live music 6-8pm.

If you're in it to win it, follow the link below, download your entry form and mail all documents for a chance to to get 1 of the 15 spots and give us your best Ribs, Chicken, Brisket and side (with Firetrucker Beer in it)!  We will provide the meat for the contest. 


Details: Setup starts at 4 PM on Aug 3rd with a team meeting and meat handout at 6 PM. Turnin begins Sunday, Aug 4th at 11:30 AM.  This is an Iowa BBQ Society Backyard sanctioned contest. Our Prime Sponsor is TNT Landscaping and Nursery and Hawgeyes BBQ.  Shoutout to them for helping us run this contest!


Grand Champion (Overall Award):
Bragging about how awesome you are plus a custom built smoker worth in excess of $2000.

Reserve Grand Champion  $500

1st place in each category:
$300 Cash

2nd place in each category:
$125 Cash

People's Choice Award: Trophy


Rules & Regulations:

All meat will be provided to the teams by an event sponsor.

This Contest Sanctioned By: The Iowa BBQ Society - Prime Sponsor: TNT Landscaping & Hawgeyes BBQ 

Saturday, August 3- Sunday, August 4, 2019   BeerBQ Contest Held Rain or Shine!!

Contest Entry Fee: $125.00


Participation space is assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Site Coordinator will assign your space (15x20 ft. or roughly 2 parking spots ) on the day of setup.  Contestants must have your own structure, signage and be totally self-sufficient.  No electrical outlets are available.  It is suggested that you bring a generator if you have one if you will need electricity but all generators must be under 70 decibels.  Any team with a generator that is louder than 70 decibels will be asked turn it off.  Failure to comply will end in disqualification from the contest.


Each team will be responsible to leave their cooking area clean after competition is complete. Firetrucker Brewery will have a designated place for all your trash to be placed.


All contestants must follow basic food handling rules during the vending & competition.

Cooking Temperatures:

Chicken: 165 Degrees     Pork Ribs: 145 Degrees     Brisket: 165 Degrees       

Food Preparation:

When preparing all food, no bare hand contact of ready to eat food may occur.  Rubber gloves must be worn at all times while preparing food. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Dish & Utensil Washing:

A minimum of 3 basin tubs large enough to immerse all utensils, cutting boards or other items used to prepare food are required.  Basin 1 will contain hot soapy water, Basin 2 will contain hot rinse water and Basin 3 will contain sanitizer water.  Each team must have a good supply of clean towels, paper towels and cleaning supplies (such as Clorox water, sanitizing wipes or sanitizing cloths) in order to keep all food preparation surfaces clean at all times.

                       (Must be 18 years of age or older)

BBQ Contest Rules & Information

Team Set Up: Teams may set up between the hours of 4 PM to 6 PM on Saturday.  Spaces will be assigned by the contest organizer at Firetrucker Brewery.

Cooks Meeting:

A cooks meeting will take place at 6:00 PM sharp Saturday afternoon August 3rd.  All Team captains must be present at the meeting in order to take part in the contest.  At that time all contest rules and regulations will be discussed and the contest rep will hand out each team’s turn-in boxes at that time.  This meeting will be conducted by both the Firetrucker Brewery representative and the Iowa BBQ Society representative(s) assigned to the BBQ contest.

BBQ Categories:




Side Dish with Firetrucker Beer in dish – People’s Choice

Turn-In Times:

Side Dish: 11:30 AM

Chicken: 11:30 AM

Ribs: 12:00 PM

Brisket: 12:30 PM

*Teams will get 5 minutes on either side of the turn-in times in order to be on time for turn-in (Example: 2:25 – 2:35).


Grand Champion Custom Smoker worth in excess of $2500

Reserve Grand Champion $500.00

1ST Chicken $300    1ST Ribs $300      1St Brisket $300

  2nd Chicken $125     2nd Ribs $125        2nd Brisket $125

1ST Side Dish – People’s Choice Trophy

**Cash Prize Payouts Subject to Change Based On The Number Of Participating Teams**

            Iowa BBQ Society Team Scoring & Judging


Judging will follow KCBS style format, all backyard teams are encourage to compete.

         The Iowa BBQ Society computer scoring program bases all scores on the following criteria:


Visual Appeal/Appearance: 1-9 (multiplier .50)

Taste: 1-9 (multiplier 2.50)

Tenderness: 1-9 (multiplier 2.00)

Tie Breaker:

1ST Tiebreaker: Throw out the lowest taste score of tied competitors

2ND Tiebreaker: Throw out the lowest visual appeal score of tied competitors

3rd Tiebreaker: The coin toss

Iowa BBQ Society Rules & Regulations

1.    Each team shall consist of a chief cook and as many helpers as necessary. A team shall not compete in more than one Iowa BBQ Society sanctioned contest under the same name, on the same date.

2.    Each team will receive an assigned space and a concerted effort must be made to keep all cooking equipment, trailer, RV’s, generators, etc within this space provided by the contest organizer.  All prep and cooking must be done within the assigned space, sharing of spaces is not allowed. Drilling into the asphalt is not permitted.

3.    Teams shall provide all equipment, supplies, and electricity as needed, unless other arrangements have been made by the contest organizer.  A fire extinguisher must be located at each cook space and provided by the contestant.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

4.    Teams are responsible for ensuring that the cook area is clean upon contest completion.

5.    Fires shall be of wood, wood pellets, charcoal, gas or electric.  Fires will not be built on the ground.

6.    Meats shall be inspected by a BBQ Society approved meat inspector during times designated by the contest organizer.  Once the meat(s) have been inspected it shall not leave the contest site.

7.    Cooking will not begin until after meat inspection.  All meats shall start out raw; no pre-seasoned meats are allowed other than manufacturer enhanced as shown on label.

8.    Contestant may trim meat(s) prior to inspection, but NO seasoning, injections, or marinades will be applied until after meat inspection.  Meat not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.

9.    Parboiling, sous-vide, and/or deep frying meat is not allowed.

10.    Meat shall not be sculptured, branded, or presented in a way to make it Identifiable; violations will be scored a 1 on all criteria

11.    3 Meat Categories

              CHICKEN:  Any part of the chicken (i.e. thighs, legs, wings or breast).

              PORK RIBS: Ribs shall include the bone. Country style ribs are prohibited.

              BRISKET: Sliced

             SIDEDISH made with Firetrucker Beer: Served in dish to allow service to public.  There must be enough to serve 100 people a 1 oz. portion.

12.     Each team must submit at least 6 identifiable pieces/portions in the approved clam shell.

            - Chicken may be turned in any way as long as there is enough for 6 judges.

             - Ribs must have bone-in.  Please make sure all ribs are cut into 6 separate pieces.

             - Brisket six (6) full slices, recommended 1/4″ to 3/8” thick. Blocking brisket ends is allowed along with slices. The fat cap may be trimmed or cut away before the slices are placed into the tray.

**Judges shall not cut, shake apart or slice to separate pieces.  Any shortage of meat will require the shorted judge to score a 1 in all criteria and all other judges to change the appearance score to 1.

13.     Meat shall be maintained at 140 degrees or less prior to cooking and held at 140 degrees or above after cooking. NO EXCEPTIONS!

14.    Judging starts at 11:30. 3 categories in the following order:

              Chicken   11:30 PM                Ribs     12:00 PM            Brisket    12:30 PM

People’s choice will be judged by voting of attendees to the contest

                      Side Dish (People’s Choice)      11:30 AM

           **Event organizer has the authority to designate turn times to suit their event.

           **Time changes must be approved by the BBQ Society Reps & Board prior to the event.

            **Turn in time will be 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after posted time with no tolerance.  Late arrivals will not be accepted and receive a 0 in all criteria.

15.    Garnish is prohibited.   Any entry with garnish will receive a 1 on appearance.

16.    Sauce is optional and if used, must be applied directly to the meat. No pooling or puddling or container of sauce.  Chunky sauce is allowed as long as chunks are no bigger than 1/8 dice.  Sauce violations will receive score of 1 on appearance.

17.    Containers shall not be marked in any way so as to make the container identifiable. (aluminum foil, tooth picks, stuffing or any other foreign material not allowed).  Any container with foreign material will receive a 1 in all criteria and will be disqualified.

18.    Entries must be turned in to the judges, in a BBQ Society numbered and approved clam shell with the number facing up.

19.     There will be no refund of any entry fees for any reason. All competitions will take place rain or shine. NO EXCEPTIONS.

20.     Teams shall be disqualified and evicted if the chief cook, team members, or any of its guests are found to be excessively using alcohol, disturbing the peace, serving alcohol to the general public or minors, using illegal controlled substances, causing a disturbance by use of foul language, excessive noise, fighting or disorderly conduct, theft or cheating.

21.    All teams competing in any contest/event that are current IBS members at the time of the event will be entry in the backyard TOY (Team Of The Year) with awards presented during the BBQ Society Annual Banquet.

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