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I designed these t-shirts. The front has my "EX CHANGE" logo and the back reads, "Friendship" in Japanese.
Each T-shirt is $25 including shipping. Thanks for the support!

I am raising money to go to Kofu, Japan in the Summer, I am a student in the Des Moines Public School District (DMPS) which is the organization hosting this program.

The program is to teach students about cultural differences in 
different countries, especially ones that do not speak my own language.

During this adventure, I will be staying with a host family in Kofu and take part in multiple cultural activities such as meeting the mayor of Kofu, taking part in performing an "American Inspired Dance" as well as eating lunch with the Japanese students.

I am very excited about being presented with this great opportunity to explore other cultures and I hope that you consider donating to me and I also hope you have a great day! Thanks!

T-Shirts will be shipped in May, 2019

Thank you, Roan
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