7 Hills Brewing Co.

Ted Oliver Dueling Pianos

9:00 PM
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7 Hills Brewing Co,

1085 Washington St.
Dubuque, Iowa 52001
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Ted Oliver Dueling Pianos at 7 Hills
One word. FUN! The Dueling Pianos concept is all about fun! Put two beautiful grand pianos on stage, add two impossibly talented and outgoing entertainers who play and sing with gusto, add a ton of rockin’ tunes – everything from The Beatles to Nickelback from Bon Jovi to Carrie Underwood, from from Jerry Lee Lewis to Journey, from Adelle to ZZ Top. Throw in a heaping helping of audience participation and you have a recipe for an unforgettable event. But don’t be misled by the title. Dueling pianists don’t really “duel” each other - It is not piano pistols from 40 paces at dawn! Rather it is two voices and four hands that bring a wide variety of music to life. And guess who decides the play list? That’s right. YOU DO! The show is request driven which means each show is unique and tailored to your guests' musical tastes.