The Vaudeville Mews

Scooter Brown Band

7:00 PM

“When dealing with the stresses of life, some of us find ourselves at the bottom of a bottle. Our new single “When the Whiskey Starts Talkin” is about how those short moments of pleasure through the indulgence of alcohol can lead to more problems and stress...” Scott Brown knows a thing or two about stressful situations. The young frontman of country act Scooter Brown is an Iraq war veteran--having completed one tour of combat duty as a U.S. Marine. When faced with the daunting decision to either reenlist or pursue music, Brown chose to trade in his rifle for a guitar and put together a band with some of the best musicians
Texas has to offer.

The band insists that its brand, songwriting and business decision making are all a democracy, not a dictatorship. Each of the four members—Scott, drummer Matt Bledsoe, lead guitarist Brian Rowe, and bassist Steven Sutherland act as a pillar, shouldering an equal amount of responsibility and creativity.
While there's no doubt Scooter Brown is a country-driven band, nowhere are their varied musical influences more evident than during a live performance, where not only their gritty, red dirt country musicality shines, but their crossover rock appeal truly becomes apparent.​

The Vaudeville Mews

212 4th St
Des Moines, IA
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