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Regarding the Unknown / Salon #15

6:00 PM
Leslieb Squirrel Yellowdoor-042_20170121_mg_1939 Img_7304 18880282_1899067037037971_8350862910494410038_o

Yellow Door Gallery for the October 2018 

Gallery Opening

"Regarding the Unknown" and Salon #15

Saturday, October 13th

6pm to 10pm

Artists Leslie Baum and Brian Kapernekas join us from Chicago for a show of (mostly) works on paper. Their paintings meditate on natural cycles and the passage of time: seasonal rotations, the turning of the calendar, and the rhythmic flow of night into day and day into night. Each work imagines a world within a world: a portal, an opening, into the unknowable, and each is tethered to the hope found in the long arc of time. The longer you sit with them, you may recall a vision of the past, reinvented in the present, towards a more hopeful future. Parts to the whole, moments of time.

Starting at 8pm - the salon kicks off, and we will hear from Squirrel Flower via Grinnell, spoken word, and more!!!

Salon Details: Attendance is capped at 65 and the suggested donation per person is $5. Wine + beer are always provided, but a BYO libation or morsel to share is always commendable.

The new gallery show opens at 
6:00pm and performances begin at 8:00pm.

Please reserve tickets on Tikly if you plan to stay for the performance.

What is a Salon? Since the late 17th century, salons have brought people together to amuse one another and refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation. Yellow Door Gallery salons exist much in the same way: as a place and forum that brings people together through shared experiences with visual, aural and performance art.

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