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Sarah's Over Seizures!

6:00 PM
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SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Time Scheduled Performer(s)
6-8 pm OPEN JAM 
8-8:30 pm Acoustic solo/duo
8:30-10 Pale Blue Erf
10-10:30 Acoustic solo/duo
10:30-Midnight Winterland

Music Mama here, and boy do I have an opportunity for you! Actually, many of them.

Sarah Nevins is a very dear person in so many of our lives. Many may know Sarah as a singer with the James Biehn Band as well as with Winterland. She is a sweet and beautiful human who is going through something incredibly crappy, and could use our help! So often we know someone who is going through something crazy hard, and we wish there was something we could do to help or to show that person some love. This is that. :-) 

We are having a party to celebrate Sarah. To show her our love, and give her strength for her upcoming epilepsy surgery in July. If you don’t know Sarah’s story, I strongly encourage you to click on the link below, to view a video Sarah posted on her personal Facebook page. Sarah is SO over these seizures, so we are giving you the opportunity to help her potentially get rid of her seizures forever! We’ve got it all, and we’re stoked. We are planning to start with an open jam so all y’all musicians who want to show Sarah some love can hop up on that stage and show her support through a song. We have live music from two incredible local bands. We’ve got some of Des Moines’ finest acoustic performers. We have an amazing venue. We’ve arranged for a smooth and easy ticketing process that will allow you to purchase a ticket, to simply donate if you’re unable to attend, or both! We’re making plans for a silent auction. And we have a fantastic bar staff to keep your thirst quenched at all times. This will be EPIC!

And guess what? 

ALL of this has been completely donated free of charge, 
so that 100% of the proceeds will benefit Sarah. 
Wow. Just wow.

We have put a lot of thought into the various financial impacts for Sarah and her family, as a result of years of seizures and this life-changing surgery she’s about to have. She has missed a lot of work over the last several years. She’ll have 7-9 weeks off work for her surgical hospitalization and her recovery time at home following the procedure. Sarah and her family have a list of needs that continues to grow, and will not be stopping anytime soon. All that said, we promise to be excellent stewards of the money raised to help Sarah, and if it’s determined that more money was raised than was ultimately needed, Sarah will donate the remaining funds to a charity of her choice. 


 Buy a ticket. :-) Hell, buy a bunch of them and give them to people you love so they can join you!
 Click on the button to make a donation of any dollar amount if you’re unable to attend this event, or if you’d simply like to donate more to Sarah than the ticket price.
 Play some tunes. Contact me, Lori Van Groningen, if you’d like to be involved from a musician standpoint. 
 Donate something for the silent auction. We’re going to rely solely on donations from those who want to love and support Sarah, versus approaching strangers and hitting the streets to seek donations. If you make or sell a product or service, this could be a wonderful way for you to show Sarah your love.
 Promote this event on your personal social media, and talk to your friends and family about it. They don’t have to know Sarah to attend this event and have an awesome time. Help us spread the good word!

Sarah's video- she's over seizures!


504 E Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
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Ticket sales have ended.