The Vaudeville Mews

Natascha Myers

5:30 PM

Actually, Iowa born-and-raised singer/songwriter Natascha Myers lives in the same world you do. A world filled with elation and suffering, beauty and tragedy, silence and racket. A world where somewhere, someone is airdrumming to their favorite song because they fell in love, and in that same moment elsewhere, cities are going up in flames. A world where there are skies consumed by constellations in one place and city lights posing as stars in another. A world filled with first kisses and the sound of rain lulling you to sleep on one hand, a world of splitting headaches and sleepless nights on the other. But true to the trademark response to much of her music, Natascha chooses to compose a pretty world out of the life she lives.  

Vaudeville Mews

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